CNC Technical Service


We offer high-precision technical, electrical-electronic and revision services whenever your machine needs service.




CNC Spare Parts

  • Spindles,Spindle Head and Axial Bearings
  • Linear Guide
  • Ball Screws and Ball Nuts
  • Original and equivalent part options for all parts

Driver and Electronic Card Repair


  • Driver
  • Power Supply
  • Electronic Card Repair
  • Precise results in a short time

Spindle Repair

4000-40,000 Rpm Belt transfer, direct drive or built-in motor spindle, spindle and servo spindle motors are renewed with original bearings and 1 year warranty.



Spindle Grinding

We avoid replacement costs by grinding the spindles that are damaged inner dia. of the cone or exceeding the runout tolerance in a short time without removing them from the machine.


  • Operator panel and general usage training
  • Programming and application training
  • Maintenance and general safety training